• Buffalo Chicken Wrap

    Tortilla, Crispy Chicken, Buffalo Sauce, Salad Mix, Tomato, Cheese and Ranch

  • Chicken Caesar Wrap

    Tortilla, Diced Chicken, Romaine, Parmesan Cheese, and Caesar Dressing

  • Hummus Wrap

    Tortilla, Salad Mix, Hummus, Cheese & Tomato

  • Tacos

    Hard or Soft Shell Tacos with Beef or Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato & Shredded Cheese


  • Cajun Chicken Sandwich

    Chicken, Pepper Jack, Onion Ring & Veggies w/ Chipotle Ranch

  • Bacon Burger

    All American beef Patty, Chili, Cheese & Grilled Onions

  • Classic Cheese Burger

    Fresh Patty, Choice of Cheese & Veggies

  • Nacho Burger

    Fresh Patty, Chips, Queso, Pico de Gallo & Jalapeño


  • Cajun Chicken Sandwich

    Chicken, Pepper Jack, Onion Ring & Veggies w/ Chipotle Ranch

  • Chicken Sandwich

    Chicken Swiss, Bacon & Veggies w/ Honey Mustard

  • Philly Cheese Steak

    Bread Roll, Sliced Beef, Onions, Mushrooms & Bell Peppers

  • Ultimate Grilled Cheese

    Texas Toast, Pepper Jack Cheese, Swiss Cheese & Bacon

  • Quesadilla

    3-Cheese blend with Pico de Gallo and Chicken

  • Chicken Tenders

    Hand-battered chicken strips

Served with fries


  • Chicken Tenders

  • Corn Dog

  • Hamburger

  • Cheeseburger

  • Quesadilla

  • Mac & Cheese

Served with drink & choice of side


  • Mozzarella Sticks

    Six with Ranch Dressing

  • Chips & Salsa

  • Chips & Queso

  • Fried Mushrooms

  • Sampler

    2 Mozzarella Sticks, 2 Jalapeño Poppers, Chips, Quesadilla

  • Quesadilla

    3-Cheese blend with Pico de Gallo

  • Sliders

    4 Mini-Burgers with Cheddar Cheese


  • Taco Salad

    Salad mix, Beef or Chicken, Cheese, and Pico de Gallo w/ Chipotle Ranch

  • Cobb Salad

    Salad mix, Bacon, Ham, Diced Egg, Cheese, Chicken w/ Honey Mustard

  • Chicken Caesar Salad

    Romaine Lettuce, Sliced Chicken, Croutons & Parmesan Cheese. Tossed in Caesar Dressing

  • Caesar Salad

    Romaine Lettuce, Croutons & Parmesan Cheese. Tossed in Caesar Dressing

  • Chicken Salad

    Salad Mix, Tomato, Cucumber, Sliced Chicken, Mix Cheese & Croutons. Choice of Dressing

  • House Side Salad

    Salad mix, Tomato, Cucumber, Cheese & Croutons. Choice of Dressing

  • Caesar Side Salad

    Romaine Lettuce, Sliced Chicken, Croutons & Parmesan Cheese. Tossed in Caesar Dressing


  • The Texan

    Sauce, Cheese, Pepperoni, Bell Peppers, Sausage & Jalapeños

  • The Hawaiian

    Sauce, Cheese, Pepperoni, Ham & Pineapple

  • Classic Pepperoni

    Sauce, Cheese & Pepperoni

  • Classic Cheese

    Sauce & Cheese

  • Meat Lovers

    Sauce, Cheese, Pepperoni, Ham, Sausage & Canadian Bacon

  • The Veggie

    Sauce, Cheese, Bell Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms & Tomato


  • Ice Cream Scoop

    1 Scoop, 2 Scoops

  • Fried Oreos

    four fried Oreos served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with hot fudge and caramel

  • Funnel Cake

    scratch-made funnel cake recipe drizzled with sugar

  • Popcorn

  • Milkshakes


  • French Fries

  • Onion Rings

  • Popcorn

  • Fruit Cup

  • Yogurt

  • Apple Sauce


  • Milk

    Regular, Chocolate

  • Juice

    Apple, Fruit Punch

  • Fountain Drink

  • Independence Co Coffee

  • Bottled Water

  • Red Bull

  • Hot Chocolate

  • Milkshake


  • Alstadt Helles Lager

    Noticeably malty yet light clean finish – Try it with any of our Pizza’s

  • Circle Envy Amber

    A well rounded, full bodied Amber, an Austin favorite

  • Karbach Weekend Warrior

    Soft caramel malt flavors met with bright citrusy hops – Great paired with our Burgers and Chips & Queso

  • Hi Sign Christie

    A light toasty blonde with a bright peppery finish

  • Circle Blur

    One of our favorites, a citrusy aroma with a light creamy body. Try this with our Cajun Chicken Sandwich

  • Austin Power & Light

    Brewed like a Pale Ale, hopped up like an IPA, crispy and refreshing. Try this with our Teriyaki Wings

  • Austin Amber

    What can we say… Burgers & Beer goes better together – a unique blend of caramel and toasted almonds, a smooth laid back brew

  • Karbach Love Street

    Boast a clean malt profile with delicate floral hops. Great with any of our Chicken Sandwiches or Fresh Salads


  • Monteinore Estate, Pinot Gris

    Delighfully crispy, fruity, well crafted wine

  • Raywood Moscato Central Coast

    Floral aroma with an amazingly fresh, fruity and smooth sweet flavor

  • St James Riesling

    Flavors of crisp green apple, peaches, citrus and honey

  • Lone Birch Chardonnay

    Fresh red apple, pear, white peach for a crisp fruit flavor with a lemony finish

  • Napa by N.A.P.A Chardonnay

    Complex notes of citrus, melon pineapple and grapefruit. Beautifully balanced oaky flavor

  • Silver Peak Cabernet Sauvignon

    Multi-layered flavors of dark plums, blackberries and gentle tannins

  • Valley of The Moon, Red Blend

    Blend of Zinfandel, petit Sivan, Baubeve and Sangiovese. Delicious and approachable with a touch of class

  • Ramsay North Coast Merlot

    Intense flavors of blackberry and currant followed by subtle hints of cherry and black pepper

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