Mt Playmore opened its’ first location in Austin Texas on July 19th, 2014, but was conceived the about a year and a half earlier. Michael F, one of the founders of Mt Playmore and the father to two children (aged 6 and 3 at the time) had been looking for a new business to start. During a family trip, they visited an indoor play center. It was not like anything they had seen before, and the kids had an absolute blast. Austin had nothing like it and not enough fun indoor activities for children. He soon began looking into opening a similar concept with several of his friends.

After several false starts, they closed on the purchase of a building in December of 2013. Renovations began in February of 2014 as soon as the previous tenant had vacated the facility. Due to limited budget, Mt. Playmore originally opened on a minimal budget. Many desired renovations were impossible initially, but despite this Mt Playmore was an immediate success within the Austin community.

The next several years were spent heavily reinvesting in improving the facility as well as the policies, processes, and procedures. In the spring of 2019, Mt Playmore was virtually unrecognizable from its early days. Years of renovations to the facility had finally brought the original concept fully to life. Improvements to the policies and procedures had resolved the vast majority of the early operational issues. We have not stopped learning, and intend to continue to improve Mt Playmore continuously into the future.

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We can’t wait to see you at Mt Playmore! Don’t forget your socks!