We take the safety of our guests very seriously, and providing the safest possible environment for children to play is one of the reasons we started Mt Playmore! 

We used to struggle to find safe and enjoyable activities outside of the house that we could enjoy year-round.

Austin had plenty of inflatables and trampoline parks for kids which our kids loved, but the risks of injury at those types of facilities always made us nervous. 

In 2017 alone, over 18,000 emergency room visits were caused by injuries at trampoline parks alone, with similar statistics coming from inflatable bounce houses as well. 

Our search for a safer, equally fun outlet for kids to have fun leads us to the indoor playscape design that is at the heart of Mt Playmore.

In addition to being an extremely safe way for kids to have a blast, our play structure allows parents and their children to play together safely. 

Very few trampoline parks or bounce houses allow this interactive due to the extreme risk involved in allowing such activity on their equipment.

Our commitment to safety goes does not stop at our playscape design but extends to all aspects of our facility. 

From our ultraviolet hand-stamping process to ensure that children can only leave with the adults they arrived with to the antimicrobial treatment applied to our entire facility to prevent the spread of disease, we take every possible precaution to ensure our guests have a safe and healthy visit to Mt Playmore.